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  • We offers local and long distance residential moving services or commercial moving services.

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Moving Tips

Pack everything in boxes. Do not use plastic or paper bags. We will not be responsible for china or antiques, or other valuables that are in boxes that are not professionally packed. We have boxes available for purchase.

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Packing Tips

Packing as much as you can into every box helps protect your items - less space to move around means less damage. Plus, boxes are easier to load than unusual shaped items not packed in boxes.

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Moving Services

  • Loading & Unloading
  • Packing Services
  • Commercial Movers
  • Local Movers
  • Long Distance Movers
  • Car Transportation
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Moving Services

Packing and Moving services

The hardest and most time consuming part of the moving process is by far the packing and actual moving. At UAC Moving Company California we only hire experienced moving specialists who have years of experience with packing and quality moving. On top of that our company provides extra training to ensure that each of our movers is an expert mover and will be able to supply the best moving services in California. We use quality packing materials to ensure the proper care is given to your personal belongings especially the fragile ones.

Loading Services

Like packing and moving services, loading services are provided by UAC Moving Company California. The movers that we hire know that you do not want your belongings dropped or broken, which is why they take the utmost care and safety of your belongings by using upgraded technology as well as the experience they gained during their training process. We know that there is a balance between care and speed, which is why we supply you with extra movers if we believe that we are compromising speed, and ultimately your time, for care.

Unloading Services

Just like the loading service, our employees take every care in protecting your goods while transferring them to your new location. They work hard and are able to move your goods quickly and carefully, even if it 5 stories high with no elevator. They use all their effort in making you happy, and will push themselves to their max, so you can get the maximum from our moving service.

Commercial Movers

Whether you are moving a small office or a big corporate office we can find the movers for you. We know it’s important to find a mover that will take care of your office items as well as understand time management to get you up and working again. UAC Moving Company California offers every moving service that it offers residential clients to our commercial clients.

Moving Tips

The keys to a successful move are planning, preparation, and communication between the mover and customer. Our knowledgeable sales and customer service team is dedicated to working with our customers to make every move successful with careful attention to the details that make the process work.

Tips For A Successful Move:

  • The best way to end up with a good move is to find a moving company that specializes in your needs. If you need to move a piano, find a piano mover. Also make sure to choose a licensed and insured moving company.
  • If you have any special items, particularly heavy items, make sure to tell the moving coordinator when he is calculating the estimate. If you live in an apartment building with no elevator make sure to inform the coordinator how many flights of stairs they will encounter.
  • If for any reason you believe you will need storage space make sure to inform the mover.

Packing Tips

A Few Ways to Save Money and Time

The easiest way to save money is to pack yourself. I know this might be the hardest part of a move, but it also allows you to organize your belongings in a way that suits you best. Start with the lighter things and make sure to mark every box. UAC Moving Company California recommends packing your clothes that are out of season first. If you need wardrobe moving boxes we have specially made boxes for your clothes that you do not want to fold. Usually the kitchen, study and closets are the places that will have the most of your belongings. Things you don't use as often are easier to pack because you can bunch them up and not have to second guess if you will want to use it in the near future. The best way to move is to use small to medium sized moving boxes. There are two benefits to doing this; the first being it is easier to move and the second it will allow you and us to move the boxes quicker.

How to properly secure and pack a moving box:

  • Tape the bottom of the box.
    Tape the bottom of the box along the center and taping in a hash tag (#) formation at least twice. This allows the bottom to be sturdy and hold heavier items.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom.
    When carrying the box it allows you to better gauge the weight and stops the heavier items squashing the lighter ones.
  • Fill the empty space.
    Use anything from newspapers, dishcloths, and other fabric. This stops items from bumping into each other during the move.
  • Keep it light.
    Try to keep the box at around 40 pounds. You do not want to go over that because you will increase the chance of the bottom breaking, and making it harder to transport quickly.
  • Once you're done, tape the top.
    Being able to close the box is key. This allows us to fully utilize the space in the trucks, which ultimately saves you money.